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Rickilift is a range of machines which consists of three models: Rickilift 13 m, 15 m and Rickilift Rickilift 18 m, all models have a hydrostatic transmission and are controlled directly from the basket. This application has been specifically designed by Magni Telescopic Handlers to follow the whole chain of the growing and harvesting of dates from the palm tree.
The machine in fact, thanks to the large basket of 3,20 m length 3.50 m wide made in the shape of a “U” and hydraulically lockable around the tree, allows to perform the pollination of palm trees thanks to the sprayer with diffuser installed on the basket and to the large stainless steel tank of 600 lt capacity, with a mesh filter to mix the water and pollens, installed on the machine frame.
The basket is also equipped with a hydraulic quick-coupling and with a compressed air system for the use of hydraulic or air tools as for example scissors to cut the excess leaves from palm trees.
The basket of the machine allows 4 people to work  simultaneously on the 360° of the tree in order to make faster the thinning operations and the harvesting of fruits.

45 6The machine does not mount any kind of stabilizers as it has a hydraulic widening of the front axle that allows to vary the width of the tires from 2.50 to 3.50 m with a consequent increase in lateral stability during work at height and making the work cycle much faster, this rapidity is possible also thanks to the possibility to side shift the machine frame on the front axle of + / – 4 ° in order to correct the position of the boom with respect to the palm in the event of incorrect positioning .