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HTH range models share  the same standard of technical innovation of the RTH models regarding:


Innovative cab with a glazed surface instead of the conventional control panel. The main features are:
  • Movable steering column allowing the operator to get in and out and achieve an excellent driving position.
  • 2 Sauer Danfoss multifunction joysticks connected via CAN BUS for all the movements of the turret, boom and accessory.
  • The fully enclosed and airtight cab is pressurized by a powerful ventilation system (240 m3/hr) in accordance with ISO 10263 standards.
  • 100% inlet air filtration.
  • Hot and cold air conditioning is part of the standard equipment for all models, with air recycling if required.
  • FOPS/ROPS type-approval.
  • Controls grouped on an exclusive glass touch screen display created by Magni in collaboration with designers specialized in display images and easy of communication, together with a company belonging to the group that developed all the machine’s application software. As an alternative to the touch screen, the display pages can also be controlled with a joystick, just like the ones in the most recent luxury cars.


  • HTH range models are equipped with DAIMLER MERCEDES BENZ tier 4 I with 4 and 6 cylinders engines which provide great power; the latest generation electronically controlled Bosch Rexroth transmission ensures fast driving on the roads (40km/h) with fuel consumption reduced by 10/15%.
  • The 350 bar hydraulic system consist of a BOSCH REXROTH variable displacement piston pump and of a load sensing hydraulic distributor.


Made of high tension steel, the boom is extremely sturdy and rigid. It is equipped with an exclusive hydraulic circuit at the end of the boom which has also been patented. Magni design distributes the stresses on the whole boom avoiding fatigue and the potential breaking of the boom extremities The abundant overlap between the sections of the boom prevents the deformation and possible faults of it.


The electric circuit of Magni telehandlers possesses IP67 protection against penetration by external agents like water or dust. The circuit rating is 24 V. The machine is also controlled by a CAN BUS circuit that transmits all the data about the electronic components installed, allowing all the information about the engine, transmission and load monitoring system to be displayed on the touch screen. Magni is the owner of this software development, which allows the operator to handle the machine in an intuitive and user-friendly way with the flow sharing system, while the engine rate is automatically adjusted to suit the speed of the hydraulic movements required.


All the models in the HTH range are assembled on frames which are characterized by a rigid structure that prevents twisting of the spars, also under great efforts and increases the stability of machines.


The heavy duty axles with two stage epicyclic reduction and robust cylinders to assist the steering are specifically designed to ensure durability and reliability even under extreme conditions.


Magni telescopic handlers are equipped, on the boom head, with a R.F.I.D. system to
automatically recognize the attachment in use, in the moment in which it is coupled to the machine and consequently load the load chart relative to it and predispose the load limit device load to work with that specific attachment.


The electronic load limit device determines the weight of the lifted load, through pressure transducers, and its position in space, through the radius of the angle of the boom and its extension, and then compares these data with load diagrams stored in the software and, in case of overload, the system cuts out all aggravating movements allowing only those of return.Thank to their power and maneuverability HTH are machines that are used in the mining, quarries and oil sectors, giving also assistance to the big macines for mining, in fact, Magni produces a wide range of attachments that make these machines extremely versatile as the tires clamp that is capable of handling tires from 16 to 63 inches equipped with steel chains with a total weight of 16 ton and a special fork carriage, with positioner, able to reduce the maximum width of the forks up to 760 mm, to put the load inside a 20-feet container, and then to extend it up to 2,185 mm in order to lift and move the container itself.