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After the huge goals attained in the French market, demonstrating once again the importance that Magni TH is taking on the rental market, we can name the companyElevo, which primarily active in the area of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, offers for hire telehandlers, aerial work platforms and forklifts, to name a few. This company, with decades of experience in the rental business, offers its clients the sale  new, used, rental, services, maintenance and training for operators of mobile elevating work platforms.
Two of our most important machines, a RTH 5.26S and a RTH 5.30, are present in the rental park of this company, which offers units mainly in the construction, manufacturing, maintenance, transport and infrastructure field. This sale demonstrates the actual compatibility of our models with this market, our machines offer in fact excellent performance in lifting capacity and operator comfort while working. A major plus is that we allow hirers  to be able to be controlled by a password, the maximum working height of each model, so that even a RTH 5.26 (26 m working height) can be rented at the price of a RTH 5.21 (21m working height) by limiting the working height without being so obliged to rent machines with better performances on a mispriced..
The ease of use and intuitiveness are the main features that make these machines suitable for rental; in fact, in the cabin there are two electro-proportional joysticks as standard equipment to perform up to four movements simultaneously and a “user friendly” touch screen display that replaces traditional dashboard and on which are displayed, through 5 pages, information relating to: transmission management of the stabilizers, the dynamic load chart, cabin’s services management and ultimately limits page where you can set restrictions in the movements and speed of boom and turret.
In addition, our machines, if equipped with the right accessory can perform multiple tasks: aerial platform when mounting a platform, telescopic forklift if equipped with forks and crane if you use a jib with or without a winch, a hook or a winch . This makes them incredibly versatile and allows to perform with a single machine, jobs that previously needed different ones.
The possibility to choose between three different types of steering (round, crab and front) is a very positive factor to obtain optimum handling, especially if coupled with the possibility to change the steering angle during the movement if the vehicle speed is less or equal to 5 km \ h. The size of our machines and their compactness are a great choice for those who require high performances but have a restricted working space; offering a choice of 3 different types of stabilization, guarantees machines with optimized performance and very compact dimensions to gain good load charts, if related to their capacity and the type of stabilization equipped. The choice to increase the wheelbase between the wheels is a further decisive factor for the capacity of the tires, if  coupled to an increase of the turning radius of the tire, infact it leads to obtain an excellent maneuverability and mobility.
The operator’s comfort too is an element to which we have given special attention; the cab is equipped with an adjustable seat and a steering column completely adaptable to gain the most comfortable driving position. There is also a large panoramic windscreen, offering excellent visibility both with forks fully lowered or with the boom all the way up to operate always safely . The pressurized cabin is also equipped with 100%air filtration and can therefore operate in highly polluted or contaminated environments without any danger for the safety of the operator.
Finally, the maneuverability, versatility and ease of use make our machines highly suitable for the rental market, and the ongoing success that we achieved in recent months appear to be the confirmation of the actual compatibility of our models with this new market.

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