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aziendaMagni: a family of entrepreneurs in the metal-working industry since the ’50’s.
Pietro Magni, mechanic, repairer of tractors and manufacturer first of farm vehicles then of tower cranes for the building trade, established FARGH SpA in 1972 along with sons Riccardo and Giorgio, and daughter Franca for the purpose of designing and building hydraulic cranes.
In 1980, he designed and made the first telescopic fork lift in continental Europe, the FARGH 4000 FS with patented boom.
In 1981, Riccardo Magni succeeded his father after the death of this latter in an accident at work. Riccardo Magni developed the FARGH 5000 RT and the FARGH 3000 RT from that first prototype. Extremely pioneering models for those times forming the basis of a joint-venture with the Manitou group that lasted over 27 years and finally ended in May 2009.
Throughout this long period, Riccardo Magni expanded the business to an enormous extent and personally registered over 40 national and international patents, all concerning rotating and non-rotating telehandlers, for which he is the designated inventor and which have remained owned by the French company. In the second half of 2012, unwilling to retire and full of excellent new ideas regarding telehandlers, Riccardo Magni repeated the action accomplished by his father 30 years before that had led to the creation of a great enterprise: he established Magni Telescopic Handlers srl along with his sons Carlo and Eugenio, and daughters Carlotta and Chiara.
We can certainly affirm, without fear of being contradicted, that Riccardo Magni’s personal design engineering experience, his constant contacts with the customers, dealers and mechanics throughout these past 30 years plus his contribution of new ideas, has paved the way for the second generation of rotating telescopic handlers.